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Arôbois commits itself :

A strong commitment : Arôbois Quality Management Policy 

Arôbois is committed to a Quality Management Policy with the following main objectives :

- To guarantee the harmlessness of our products as far as food safety and organoleptic aspects are concerned
- To continuously improve the quality of our products and services
- To be the market leader for the Quality of its goods and services
- Beyond the company, to participate in increasing credibility for these products.

I'm perfectly aware that this process requires the total commitment of our staff, our suppliers and subcontractors.

As the president of Arôbois, I commit to making available the necessary human and material resources to reach these objectives.

Gagnac, 24th of october 2011

François Witasse

 For a carefree use of our products : Food Safety

Raw material :
Our French and American oak chips are made from new, cooperage grade oak and are free of bark and sapwood. All our suppliers are carefully selected to guarantee cooperage quality standards. Before processing, the wood is naturally seasoned in the open air for a minimum of 18 months.

Traceability :
Thanks to a complete traceability system, each batch is analysed at reception by an external certified laboratory. We can provide a certificate for each batch guaranteeing:
- Absence of any chemical treatment of our wood (PCP, lindane…)
- Absence of any" cork taint flavour " contamination of our wood (TCA, …)
After heating, each batch of chips is analysed to control absence of benzo (a) pyrene.

HACCP system:
Because our oak chips and other wood species chips are in contact with food (wine, beverage, spirits, fish smoking, liquid extracts…) Arôbois guarantees safe products, suitable for food contact, natural, without any treatment of the wood as per our HACCP quality system recognized by Moody International since January 2009.

Quality certificate | FT QUA 02-A
Certificate for food contact | FT QUA 09-A
Batch analysis | FT QUA 08-A
HACCP attestation from Moody International | Attestation HACCP
ISO 9001-2008 | certificate

We are receptive to all your preoccupations and new requirements. For instance, Arôbois products are kosher certified. To give you the best answers to your needs, we keep a careful watch over food security regulation.

To make you trust Arôbois and to give you confidence : ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System

In order to constantly improve the intrinsic quality of our products and of our services, we have organised our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001-2008 requirements which were certified by Moody International in december 2011.

To offer you a regular product : Quality control on the product :
- Humidity, size and density are physical characteristics controlled and followed throughout the manufacturing process.
- We do a sensorial analysis of our products for each toast.

To adapt to your needs : Research and Development :
- New packaging solutions to even better protect our wood chips from external contaminations, to guarantee aromatic stability over time and to give you products ready for direct use (infusion bags, infusettes for barrels).

- Optimization of our chips manufacturing process and development of new products.

Our quality manager

is at your disposal to answer to you on the food safety guarantees of our products (HACCP process, traceability, GMO, cork-taint flavour…) and also to explain you our permanent controls on the manufacturing regularity.

Quality certificate | FT QUA 02-A
Batch analysis |FT QUA 08-A
Certificate for food contact| FT QUA 09-A
HACCP attestation

ISO 9001-2008 certificate

As a member of SPBO (Syndicat des Producteurs de Bois pour l'œnologie), Arôbois promotes the Quality Charter established by the syndicate.

SPBO members are committed to supplying quality products. This charter lists the minimum quality criteria the products must meet.

 The Quality Charter (SPBO)

Products definition

This charter concerns the products used as additives or alternatives to barrels in the winemaking process. These products are sold under different trade names, under the responsibility of each producer, but three families can be identified :

I. Powder and chips : obtained by a chipper, a crusher, or other comparable equipment.

II. Staves : obtained from a splitting or sawing equipment, they have the same shape as a board.

III. Other products : a variety of other forms are currently available, including, cubes, blocks, spheres, or other geometrical shapes resulting from sawing, turning, or other machining methods.

Quality of Raw Materials
Whatever raw material is used (staves, other board by-products, or other), it will have the following characteristics :

I. New wood : it will in all cases be the product of the first transformation of the wood. Members must not use second-hand or used wood.

II. Wood of a known origin : wood supply chain is sometimes complex, but members will take action to implement a quality assurance system, in accordance with suppliers, enabling them to guarantee the origin of the wood they use.

Healthy and reliable wood quality : members will not use wood carrying traces of rot, mould, moss or other signs of decay.

IV. Absence of sap-wood and bark : only heart wood will be used to manufacture the products concerned by this charter.

V. Absence of chemical treatment : the woods used shall not be subject to soaking, aspersion or any other form of applying preservation products (fungicides, pesticides and others) or marking not authorized by the regulation concerning "food grade" wood.

Quality of process
Whatever process members choose to use, the following guidelines must be respected :

I. Tracing : members commit to guaranteeing the traceability of their products.

II. Absence of harmful compound : members commit to ensuring their process does not bring any compound which can be harmful to health (benzo-pyrene and others.).

Quality of products
Regular analyses of products will be carried out with a view to ensuring :
I. The absence of products that will be harmful to health (benzo-pyrenes, PCP, TCA, furan, heavy metals, micro-organisms, and others).

II. The presence of components these products are intended to provide (tannins and aromatic molecules).

Quality of packaging
I. Members commit to using only adequate packaging, i.e. food grade packaging, that won't bring any off taste or smell to the product.

II. Packaging used must be recyclable.

III. Packaging must also carry clear labeling and a definition of the products that will avoid any possible misleading of end users.