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our concept

Using oak chips during alcoholic fermentation and/or ageing is another way to make quality wines at competitive prices.

Why use Arôbois’ oak chips :

Because our chips demonstrate the result of our knowhow and skills since 1997… Because our chips are produced with meticulously selected woods that are naturally seasoned in the open air for a minimum of 18 months before they are cut and carefully sorted.
Because our vast range of toasts and sizes offers an adaptable, variety of products to best meet our customers particular needs.

Chips are not just a by-product for us, they are our main product to which we dedicate all our energy and knowledge. 

Finally, because our products are constantly controlled and supervised from the time we receive the raw material through the shipment of the processed product, we can guarantee quality, consistency and conformity of products with complete traceability.
This Quality Management System is based on:
-A food safety HACCP process recognized by Moody International
-An ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System certified by Moody International.