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Thanks to our very wide range of toasts and sizes, as well as of products made with French oak (Quercus Sessiliflora or Quercus Robur) or American oak (Quercus Alba), we have the solution for any customer at any stage of the winemaking process. Our products are packed in very strong (25kg) paper bags or in (225g, 1Kg, 6Kg) food grade infusion bags, ready for immediate use. Our chips are therefore not only an alternative to barrels but an indispensable oenological product.

Chip size = extraction speed
 Chip toast = aromatic complexity

  For any technical questions, download our technical sheets :
Technical sheet of the products | FT QUA 01-A
Technical sheet of packaging | FT QUA 07-A
Sensory impact of French oak chips | FT QUA27-A