Loose use


Infusion bags


Recommended size

French oak or American oak chips
Size: : extra small (XS), medium (M)

Usual effects 
Arôtrad range:
  • Preservation of the fruity character
  • Stabilization of the colour
  • Tannic contribution (particularly French oak)
  • Increase in the volume, roundness and sweetness
  • Aromatic contribution according to toast-level and dosage.

Arôneo range   (French oak only):

  • Increase in structure
  • Increase of mouth-feel, roundness, length, vivacity
  • Subtlety and elegance
  • Increase in complexity
  • Aromatic contribution according to the recipe and dosage

Tannic contribution:

  • Slight with Intense,
  • Moderate with Fraicheur and Douceur,
  • Strong with Équilibre and Arôstaves.
Contact time

 5-15 days

Harmonization time
(after wood extraction)

 2-4 weeks


0.5 g/l – 2g/l