Analyses, controls and self monitoring : vigilance at every level


at reception:

We carry out various controls on the raw wood when we receive it. From reception of the wood from our suppliers, after the initial controls (quantity, quality, origin, traceability), we take samples which we have analyzed by an external and independent laboratory to verify the absence of sensory risk (haloanisols, halophenols.).

on products and during the production process:

During the production process, we carry out further controls and analyses including for example analyses in external laboratories for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, haloanisols, halophenols, and benzene… so as to guarantee the absence of contamination in our products that might be harmful to health, or have undesired taste effects when used.

  Self monitoring :


Recurrent controls on physical characteristics of the batches of wood (humidity, density, particle size, toast levels…). Sensory analyses of products, trials, crossed tests …


on the premises and environment:


 sanitary control: control of the sensitive points on our premises, the environment and the machines

analysis of atmosphere 

 quality of transport: based on our strict specifications for carriers and forwarders, and by the systematic control of containers and transport vehicles.


Because our products are intended for contact with foodstuffs, we have to assure complete traceability of the raw material from its reception through to the products sent to our customers. Every reception of wood is recorded by computer and traced with a batch number which can be traced from the finished product back up to the reception of the wood from the supplier.



    Batch Analysis