The story of a pioneer.

 Established in 1997, amongst the pioneers of this activity in France, and well before European legislation authorized the use of oak chips in wine, we were already forging a position in export markets.

 This means that today, we can stand proud, counting upon know-how and expertise that are acknowledged throughout the world.

 We manufacture and sell a unique range of highly qualitative and effective oenological woods..

Our clients are essentially wine producers, but we also count amongst our clientele manufacturers of spirits and other alcoholic beverages, as well as customers in different sectors of the food-processing industry.

Important dates in Arobois' s life : 



Creation of
the company

1998 :

Setting up of production in the current premises, in Gagnac sur Cère, Lot (France)

2005 :

Doubling of our manufacturing surface

2006 :

Authorization to use oak chips on finished wine in the European Union

2007 :

Recognition of our HACCP system
Launch of our online shop for the French market

2009 :

Extension of the authorization to use oak chips in the European Union, at the wine fermentation stage
Certification of our Quality Management System conforming to the ISO 9001-2000 requirements

2010 :

Updated certification of our Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2008)

2011 :

Arôbois integrates fully into the TFF group  through Tonnellerie Demptos


2012 :

Launch of the Arôneo range with Equilibre, Intense and Arôstave recipes

2014 :

2 new products in the Arôneo range, Douceur and Fraicheur

2017 : 20 years old !

International presence with today, customers in about forty countries worldwide
Launch of the new online shop for the French market

2018 : 

Quality Management : Re-certification under new version 2015 of ISO 9001