Our commitment to quality

A strong commitment: the quality policy of Arôbois

We share a common motivation to carry the corporate project aiming excellence for our customers.


To guarantee the absence of risk linked to the use of our products both at the sanitary and food safety levels as well as at the organoleptic level.


To permanently improve the intrinsic quality of our products, and the services which accompany them.


To be the leader within the profession regarding Quality both of products and of services.


And to contribute to give to the products that we make, a real credibility. 

In a process of continuous improvement, our position as a pioneer in our sector of activity in 1997, obliges us to stay one step ahead and to always propose more innovative and efficient products. Our resources dedicated to Research and Development strive to analyze market needs to improve, adapt and develop our product offer. Customer acceptance at the launch of our new products is proof that our commitment to innovation and adaptation is the key to our sustainable development for the future.

Our certifications

Because our products are intended for food use (wines, spirits, beers, food smoking, liquid extracts, etc.), from 2007, we committed ourselves to a voluntary approach for the implementation of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles, based on identification, evaluation and description of control measures and putting in place reinforced vigilance by identifying stages where there might be a risk of contamination. We guarantee natural, healthy products, suitable for food contact, without any treatment other than heating, on our woods. Our HACCP system is today recognized by Intertek.

Since its creation in 1997, Arôbois has made Quality its leitmotif. We are firmly committed to management of quality based on a Quality Management System conforming to the ISO requirements and standards, with a first certification in 2009. Today, our Quality Management System is certified under the ISO 9001-2015 standard by Intertek.

We are proud of this certification, reflecting the recognition of our continuous improvement efforts and the strong commitment of all the staff in the company.

Our products are in perfect conformity with the Kosher principles, they are kosher passover parve lamehadrin, as stipulated on the Kosher Certificate issued by Top-K International Kosher certification.


Our controls on the woods

Controls at reception

We carry out various controls on the raw wood when we receive it. From reception of the wood from our suppliers, after the initial controls (quantity, quality, origin, traceability), we take samples which we have analyzed by an external and independent laboratory to verify the absence of sensory risk (haloanisols, halophenols.).

Controls on products and analyses

During the production process, we carry out further controls and analyses by external and independent laboratory (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, haloanisols, halophenols, and benzo(a)pyrene) in order to guarantee the non-contamination of products (absence of products harmful to health, in accordance with the regulations in force, absence of risk of sensory deviation, etc.).

Self monitoring

Recurrent controls on the physical characteristics of the batches of wood (humidity, density, particle size …)
Sensory analyses of products, trials, cross-testings …

Our controls on the premises and the environment

Sanitary control

control of the sensitive points on our premises, the environment and the machines

Heavy metals analysis

Atmosphere analysis

Quality of transport

based on our strict specifications for carriers and forwarders, and by the systematic control of containers and transport vehicles.


Because our products are intended for contact with foodstuffs, we have to ensure complete traceability of the wood from its reception through to the products shipped to our customers. Every reception of wood is recorded by computer and traced with a batch number which can be traced from the finished product back up to the reception of the wood from the supplier.