Our wood for beers


Why not using wood chips in your beer? Many brewers are wondering…

We give you the answer: Faced with the success of beers traditionally aged in oak barrels, at Arôbois we have been working for many years to develop specific products for brewers in the form of chips in order to meet both a need of the brewing world but also industrial and economic constraints, in line with market trends and expectations.

You want to bring an exceptional touch to your beers? Thanks to our range specially designed for brewers, give them a unique profile because today’s consumers expect natural premium beers with more character.

Lager beer, dark beer, amber beer, special beers can benefit from the contribution of our chips. It is up to you to choose from the products we recommend:
  • the Arôtrad range in French oak, American oak, Acacia, Chestnut and Cherry wood for woody, toasted, vanilla aromas…
  • the Arôneo range in French oak bringing finesse, delicacy and aromatic complexity
  • the exclusive and prestigious range of Brew’Oak, American oak chips made from Bourbon barrels available in 2 recipes Sweet and Fresh, guaranteeing a remarkable contribution for your beers

Natural wood

Aromatic wood

Naturally seasoned, without treatment

Arôtrad and Arôneo range

Wood species

French Oak


  • Sessile oak (Quercus sessiliflora),
  • Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur)

Origin: France

Quality: New oak wood of cooperage quality, containing neither bark nor sapwood

Our recommendations:

American Oak


  • White oak (Quercus Alba)

Origin: USA

Quality: New oak wood of cooperage quality, containing neither bark nor sapwood

Our recommendations:



  • Acacia / Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Origin: France

Quality: New wood, without bark

Our recommendation:



  • Chestnut (Castanea sativa)

Origin: France

Quality: New wood, without bark

Our recommendation:



  • Cherry (Prunus Avium)

Origin: France

Quality: New wood, without bark

Our recommendation:


Wood from Bourbon barrels

Exclusivity of our prestige range «BREW'OAK»

Quality of American oak combined with Bourbon

Finesse, richness and complexity of Arôneo recipes



White oak (Quercus Alba)

Origin: USA

Quality: Wood from Bourbon barrels

Our recommendations:

Use of wood chips : the use of wood chips may be subject to specific regulations.

We recommend that you contact the competent authority for further information.


Let your imagination run free and create your own recipe:

by blending different chips to get greater complexity
and give a unique and original profile, yours!…

When and how to add the chips?

Possible operating modes:

Free introduction - in bulk:

direct contact therefore optimized chips contact

Controlled introduction - in infusion bags :

controlled contact time & easy chip removal

Usual dose and contact time:

0.5 to 5 g/L with a contact time of a few hours to a few weeks depending on the stage of introduction and dosage.


Liste des types
Infusion bag
Infusion bag
Infusion bag
Paper Bag
8kg     |     10kg
20kg    |    25kg

French oak

American oak

Chips :

●  Extra-small size (XS)

●  Medium size (M)

By 12 or 60
By 1 or 3

Acacia wood

Chestnut wood

Bourbon barrel wood


● All comer-size chips (TV)

By 1 or 3

Cherry wood


●  All comer-size chips (TV)

By 1 or 2

If our standard packaging does not meet your needs, technical and/or industrial constraints, we are ready to study with you a more suitable packaging … (big bag with or without emptying system…).

All our packaging in direct contact with the product are suitable for food contact

For transportation, our products are carefully packed and protected before shipping. Small packages are sent by express delivery service. Larger volumes are shipped on wrapped pallets that comply with the ISPM15 (heat treatment) standard.

Recommended storage conditions

Our products are best stored in a cool, clean and dry place, away from strong odours, chemical products, humidity, bright light and any source of heat.