Our knowledge of wood: TO START, THE RAW MATERIAL


 The origin of our wood

Since the beginning, our woods are the subject to special attention. They are carefully selected, with suppliers conforming to our strict raw material specifications. These suppliers are regularly audited and evaluated.

As regards the oak, our products are made from new cooperage wood. The species used are sessile oak (Quercus sessiliflora) and stalked oak (Quercus robur) ) in the case of French oak, and white oak (Quercus alba) in the case of American oak.

The oak meets cooperage quality standards and contains neither bark nor sapwood, assuring only the best of the wood.

 The seasoning of our wood

In order to guarantee maturity and optimal refining of the wood, it is naturally seasoned in the open air for a minimum of 18 months before processing.

During this period, thanks to the natural climatic factors (effect of the rain, the sun) in particular, the wood undergoes an essential evolution in its maturation to confer it with its aromatic qualities, whilst allowing the reduction of astringent tannins.

 The methods for heating / toasting : the Arôtrad and the Arôneo processes

Our long years of experience have allowed us over time to develop two unique and very different processes, Arôtrad and Arôneo.

In the early years, we developed a traditional range of 'roasting' - Arôtrad - developing aromas in the wood said to be 'traditional' such as vanilla toasted notes, caramel, coffee … and to guarantee the role of the wood in structuring wines, emulating the aromatic effects produced by the barrel…

Wishing to widen our offer on the market, and to innovate in the oenological wood field, and after several years' research, we more recently developed a unique and successful process, leading to the launch of the Arôneo range. Guaranteeing a unique contribution to your wines, both in fermentation and in ageing, this new range, besides its remarkable structuring effects brings delicacy and complexity, as well as subtle aromas.

  Member of the Syndicat des Producteurs de Bois pour l'Œnologie (SPBO)

Arôbois is a member of the SPBO (Syndicate of the Wood producers for Oenology) and contributed to the creation of its Quality charter