FRENCH and american oak:
excellence in wood for oenology

ARÔPRIME: the natural wood

 Untoasted French and American oak,

  • cask-grade cooperage wood,
  • without bark or sapwood,
  • naturally seasoned in the open air for a minimum of 18 months for a perfect maturation. 


 Available in a wide range of sizes:

  • powder*;
  • chips in extra-small,
    small and medium size

Used in particular at fermentation for its contribution to the structure, the mouth feel, the volume as well as for its action in color stabilization …

* : 'powder' size is not authorized in the EU for use in wine


ARÔTRAD : the pure expression of the wood

   Traditionally toasted French and American oak, available in 3 levels of evenly-toasted chips :

  • L- light toast
  • M- medium toast
  • H- heavy toast

  French oak :

  • powder*;
  • chips (extra small, small and medium), cubes, blocks

  American oak : 

  • powder*;  
  • chips (extra small, small and medium)

 Recommended at the ageing stage for its impact on structure and for its classic aromatic contribution.

*: 'powder' size is not authorized in the EU for use in wine


 Our wood for fermentation   

   Our wood for ageing


ARÔNEO : subtlety in structure and aromas


  French oak chips, medium size, available in 4 unique and innovative recipes:

  • Douceur,
  • Équilibre,
  • Fraicheur,
  • Intense 

 French oak blocks, available in 2 recipes :

  • Equilibre,
  • Intense


 Unique heating process, contributing significantly to the structure of your wine, bringing great complexity and revealing exceptional aromas which are integrated with subtlety and elegance!




Structuring effect :
sweetness, volume, roundness, mouth feel and length

Aromatic contribution :
overtones of vanilla and hints of gingerbread …




Structuring effect :
silky tannins, length, volume

Aromatic contribution :
caramel and vanilla, hints of gingerbread and licorice…




Structuring effect :
acidity, freshness, length, volume and vivacity

Aromatic contribution :
delicate vanilla and spice…




Structuring effect :
roundness, volume, sweetness, length…

Aromatic contribution :
heady aromas of gingerbread, spice, vanilla and cocoa …



Our Arôneo range  


Blocks 47    



 French oak staves available in a single size – 960x47x7mm i.e. 0.103m² - in an innovative and unique medium intensity recipe : Arôstaves.

These staves are short and slim ensuring a rapid exchange between wood and wine whilst delivering an outstanding structuring effect (tannins, volume, length, mouth-feel…) and imparting a delicate aromatic complexity with overtones of vanilla, gingerbread, licorice…