chips, powders, cubes & blocks



For loose use:
the 25kg paper bag


Our very robust 25kg paper bag is made
of 4 thicknesses including 1 layer of high density
polythene in order to guarantee excellent protection of our products.



New in 2018

With its 10kg PE infusion bag, the kraft paper sack
is the ideal packaging for easy use.
It contains a ready-to-use infusion bag,
exclusive for chips, cubes and blocks.



immersion type:
the 6kg infusion bag


The 6kg infusion bag made of cotton is the perfect packaging
for an easy use in the tanks (insertion and removal): easy handling, time-saving...
This packaging is available containing chips, cubes or blocks.

  • Sold per unit, in cardboard boxes,
  • Sold by cardboard boxes of 3 bags


the 225g infusette:

Made of poly-cotton, this is the ideal packaging for direct use in the  barrel ;
rapid and easy to handle (insertion and removal), our infusettes extend the life of your barrels with this injection of new wood.
They are provided with a stainless steel hook for easy fixing to the bung.

This packaging is suitable for chips and cubes only.

  • sold by 12, in cardboard boxes
  • sold by 60, in cardboard boxes

for small volumes:
the 1kg bag


For trials or small production,
the 1kg bag is the ideal packaging.
The infusion bag, made of cotton (for chips, cubes and blocks)
and the polyethylene bag (for powder only),
are sold per unit,
packed and shipped in cardboard boxes.


In order to avoid contamination, all our infusion bags and "infusettes" are first wrapped in plastic bag (high density polyethylene) bags before being packed into cardboard boxes.



Our staves, called Arôstaves, are available in 2 sizes of packaging to suit everyone's needs. 

By 20 (and multiples) or 120 :

  • packed by 20 in high density polyethylene bags - 20 staves (and multiples),
    in a cardboard box.
  • packed by 60 in high density polyethylene bags - 120 staves, in a box


Special packaging : as your needs may not necessarily coincide with our standard packaging, we are happy to study with you the packaging option that would best suit your technical and/or industrial constraints...(for example: bulk bag with or without emptying spout...)

Our products are carefully packed and protected before shipping. Small packages are sent by express delivery service. Larger volumes are shrink-wrapped and transported on pallets that comply with ISPM15 (heat treatment) standard.

All packaging in direct contact with the product complies with food safety regulations.

Our chips and other wood products should be stored in a cool, clean and dry place, away from strong odours and bright light.